Dylan Frelion



Dylan has an almost Native American look, with long dark hair and tan skin. He usually has his hair braided back, depending on how long he’s gone without a bath. He’s also usually covered in a layer of dirt, again, depending on how long he’d gone without a bath. He doesn’t ever smell, though, unless he’s gone for a long time. Usually he just smells like the air does during the spring. He wears a leather breastplate, with the symbol of Ehlonna over his left breast and has a small pendant with the symbol of Obad-Hai, usually tucked away under his tunic. He always has his halberd slung across his back, from left shoulder to the right, and usually walks with his bow in his hand. He has his quiver slung at his side. While most halberds are about as tall as the user, Dylan’s halberd is a lot shorter, only coming up to his chest, allowing for more portability.


Dylan comes from a long line of rangers that have lived in the area. His father often left the house for days to help authorities with all sorts of problems. He was, for all intents and purposes, the leader of these towns’ militia. His father traveled all over the local towns, and knew that place like no one else. When Dylan came of age, his father began teaching and training him in the family business. One day, when Dylan was 21, he was out hunting an elusive deer that he’d been tracking for a few days. His father had said that if he could catch the deer, he would be able to go with him on the next excursion, so he was really excited when he finally saw the deer grazing in a nearby brush. He lined up his shot, let go, and could feel that the arrow would fly true.

The next day he returned to his village, the deer’s horns as a trophy, only to find his village on fire. He ran into town, quickly dashing to his house, only to find a host of dead goblin bodies littered about his house. His heart began to race and he ran out into his house to find his mother, weeping on the floor. When he asked what happened, his mother told him that goblins attacked, and his father had led the fight against them. The goblins quickly realized who was the most dangerous and began to mob his father, so he ran off into the forest, drawing the majority of the goblins with him away from the village.

Dylan put his mom in the villagers’ care, then went off into the forest, tracking the group of goblins. It wasn’t difficult, what with the goblins’ disregard for stealth, and the occasional dead goblin. The more dead goblins he found, the more hopeful he was. Finally, he came to a clearing, where he found a number of dead goblins, and in the center of the clearing, he found his father, fatally wounded. His father died in his lap, passing on his family’s business to him. Over the next two years he took on his father’s job, traveling about and helping out where he could, but he just didn’t have the experience he needed to do what his father did, so he left home.

He set out to search for a halfling named Torund Treespeaker, whom his mother had told him about. His father was always afraid he would die before Dylan was able to fully learn his trade, and so left his mother with instructions. His father had, in his travels, encountered a halfling that had accompanied him on a number of adventures. The halfling was a skilled ranger and helped his father a lot before he left the area. He was also very carefree and was wont to wander, so his father was never able to keep track of his old friend. Dylan’s mother told him that his father wished for him to learn from Torund.

Dylan Frelion

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