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General information

This page contain general information relating to the campaign, and as such, it also going to have random overlap as I fail to properly remember what I put here.


  1. Thollder Steelheart
  2. Dylan Frelion
  3. Dimitri Perelov

World Description

You are in the world of Dul’lan (pronounced doo-lahn). It’s a world split into two different parts, two respective continents:

  • The continent that you’re all from is the western continent, Byshur (pronounced bah-ee-sure), though you’ll find people who call it by another name.
  • The continent to the east, Narran, though you’ll find this far more disputed as a name then the first.

Race Description Changes

This section will describe some edits I’m making to the races to make them more believable (at least in my mind). I think only Gnomes have a complete overhaul. The others simply have some edits to fit them into the world. You can essentially flip the community description for halflings and gnomes in the PHB.

Main Page

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